An ode to millenia-old sculptures at the brink of annihilation.

After thousands of years that went into their making, glaciers, icecaps and ice shelves are now quickly becoming polluted, melting down and retreating due to the effects of climate change, taking with them the world’s largest reservoirs of fresh water. As the world finally acknowledged at the World Climate Change Conference in Paris 2015, should global warming patterns continue, Arctic summers could be ice-free by as close as 2040.

Project “ICE” studies the remote wilderness of the world’s primary glacial areas at the brink of annihilation. From Greenland to Alaska, Iceland to Patagonia, glaciers and icebergs of the delicate polar environment are covered in their most distinctive, intimate, individual personality. When those moments begin to thaw, the consequences for humankind may be heavier than any present day photograph could ever anticipate.